"This class was phenomenal, and in such a great space/atmosphere! The teacher was very nice and allowed for a lot of creative exploration at our own pace. Turns out calligraphy isn't so bad once you have some understanding of the basics -- how to hold the pen, the stroke patterns, etc! This skill will still need practice, but I already can't wait to try other lettering styles out and hopefully make a few things for my wedding this summer."



"The Calligraphy Lab was a gift for Christmas, but I had my eye on it for a while! I was hesitant because the class price is a little steep, but it's 100% worth the money! All the high quality supplies and in-person guidance makes for an invaluable experience. Thanks so much, and I hope to join again for another lab sometime soon!"


"This LAB was amazing - I never would've taken the time to sit down and learn on my own. The instructor was great, materials given were high quality and it was a fun space and group. Highly recommend!"



"The setting for this class was inviting and relaxing. The teacher was patient and kind and had great resources for making our first experience with calligraphy really enjoyable. She also had a variety of resources outlined to make our journey with calligraphy successful after we left the class. We left felling excited about participating in future classes at The LAB!"



"This was SO much fun. The class was great and the space inspired me to find my inner artist. Now I need to practice! Thank you so much."





"What an awesome class! The instructors were warm and welcoming, and the space was very inviting. It was a great group of fellow participants and I really enjoyed getting to know others during the class. Thank you, LAB, for the fun event! Excited to use the new clutch I made."



"I had so much fun making my leather clutch. The instructor was great. He was very patient and helpful throughout the class and walked you through every step! He made sure you understood or felt comfortable with what you were doing before he moved on to help the next person. I also really enjoyed meeting new people at my table and chatting with them while working on our different projects. I would definitely recommend this to family and friends if you want to have a good time while making something cool!"



"This was my first experience at the Lab and I loved it! Daniel was a great teacher, so patient and helpful! The atmosphere was lovely, an unexpected surprise! Loved the greens and candles on the table, the apple cider and thumbprint cookies! Jessica was also very helpful and welcoming as well. It was a great evening to learn something new and come away with a project I'm proud to show off and use! Thank you Lab staff and Merchant Leather! ….."




photography lab 1.0 + 2.0

"I learned so much about how to shoot in manual at the Photography Lab 1.0. I had gotten a "fancy camera" for my birthday in October, and I'm glad I finally took the class to learn how to shoot off of the auto settings. Melissa made the class interactive and fun. I can't wait to get back and take the 2.0 class!"



"Absolutely LOVED the Lab Photography session. I learned more in those two days than I have in years. A fun and creative way to learn and engage."



"Photography 1.0 was a great introduction to using my camera beyond the automatic setting and building my confidence in navigating the different manual controls. Melissa did such a nice job of explaining how the camera settings work and she's so nice! I can't wait to take Photography 2.0 and take some sweet pictures!"



"This class affordably provided exactly what I needed to kick my hobby into high gear! I've had my camera for years, but never knew how to correctly use it or had the proper skills to go forth confidently with my equipment. The class was so inviting and comfortable in a beautiful space, plus having the class taught by such a lovely and talented photographer was so fun! Can't wait for Photography Lab 2.0!"




"I had such a great time at the Watercolor Lab! Megan was so sweet and made the experience so relaxing and fun. I've always wanted to try watercolor but was intimidated by all of the supplies and not knowing the right techniques. Now I feel (somewhat) confident in my basic knowledge and I've painted everyday since the class!!"



"I had a wonderful time! The space was beautiful, all supplies were provided AND I got to take them home! Our instructor was amazing - perfect mix of informative yet fun and encouraging."



"I'm the least creative person and was excited to try this class to help stretch me out of my comfort zone. Megan was so patient and walked us through the basics. She definitely helped increase my confidence and now I'm even looking forward to creating something on my own."



"This class was so much fun! Definitely worth every penny, and the skills learned weren't overwhelming at all; I felt confident leaving class that I could do the things we learned at home. Thank you for a lovely evening!"



"Megan’s class was great! I have dabbled in a little bit of watercoloring but this class gave me the opportunity to do some of the exercises that I wouldn’t have done on my own. It definitely sparked my creativity! I recommend this class to anyone who is beginning this hobby!"





"The weaving lab was an experience that I really enjoyed. I absolutely loved the space that Lab occupies and the all the people working there were lovely, welcoming and bright! The class was full, but I felt the instructor answered all the questions and help I needed... that said I would have loved 30 minutes more to feel more secure in this fun, new skill."

- RUTH L. 


"A fun quick introduction to weaving to get you started on perhaps your newest passion."



"The weaving lab was a fabulous introduction into the art of weaving. The instructor was thoughtful and explained each step of the process clearly. In addition, the Lab is a flawlessly gorgeous space to enjoy a night of learning."



"I really enjoyed the lab! Mandi is extremely knowledgeable and it was very energizing to be in a room filled with so much creative energy. I also very much appreciated the high quality materials we got to work with. It was so much fun, I can't wait to continue to pursue weaving as a hobby and look forward to taking more classes at LAB!"



"My friend and I were looking for something fun to do and learn. We found the weaving lab and were not disappointed! The materials provided were very high quality, and we really admired both the instructor's personal work and her teaching. We had fun and learned some basic weaving techniques. I'm glad to have this skill for the future. The lab space is very beautiful and I hope to take another class soon."



"The Weaving Lab with Mandi was fabulous! You feel her passion, excitement, and love for fiber arts which was contagious. It met my expectations and more. The loom and tools we received felt top notch and I am going to get a lot of use out of them. The class went by so fast that it easily could have been longer!"



"The weaving lab was great! It was very well thought out and prepared. I left feeling like I had the skills I wanted (and then some) to create a beautiful wall hanging! I will be back for more classes. Thanks LAB!"